Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why Goal Setting Is Important

Ronald Norwood
AAMU “2013”

In our society today we have an emergency that’s taking the minds of many young males and females in our city. It’s an illness that doesn’t attack a particular race or gender. It doesn’t affect everyone either. It can only affect you if you have a weak sense of how your life is going to be. This illness is call a lost future with no goals.

In many cases if you walked up to a DPS student or a child on the streets, and asked them “what are your goals in life”, you would more than likely get an answer like…..I Don’t Know. Many of my males and females I service through this program have no sense of a goal or what they want to be in life. This is a huge issue not only for that person who doesn’t know what there future will hold for them. It affects me as well because they don’t know what they want in life so they may see something they want and try to take it from me. In life that’s called stilling or robbing. This is not the path we want our peers to take.

If you don’t have a goal in life how will you know where you need to be? You don’t. That means they could do something that could jeopardize there future. Things like smoking, drinking and gangs are all things that’s not going to help you become a successful person. But they want know that or think of that if they don’t have anything to stop them from doing the wrong types of things.

They have to Define there path. Webster or we can’t define it for them. But what we can do is guide them in the right direction with the challenges we have encounter in life. Every child should have a sense of an ideal on what they want for there selves in life.

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that's why im planning for my goal now and getting my education to help me with NSO/Y.I.P goood blog