Sunday, August 9, 2009

We No Longer Care

GaoIa VangOsborn Graduate
MSU Freshman

These days, when we surpass we want others to fall behind. It’s now an everyman for himself kind of game. We don’t want to support, we could care less, and we have become selfish. It’s sad to know this is the cold truth about Detroit. The love that was once there has vanished and I’m afraid to say it might have disappeared forever.
We have bind and played with time for too long enough. Time is almost up and if we don’t do anything right now, the city will slowly reside into dust. Detroit has been waiting long enough for its people’s help. But yet the people wait for someone else to help them. Better yet, they want someone else to fix their city for them. Have we become that unwilling that we can’t even fix our own lives?
People abandon their homes but don’t they know they’re just hurting Detroit evens more with what they’re doing? An abandoned house, which use to be a home of memories, has now just become a space for criminals to sell drugs…a place to rape young girls. Trash fills our city’s streets and yet we walk past it like it’s supposed to belong there, next to the shattered glass.
Each day I come upon more and more memorial sites. Young people die each day due to car accidents. Just the other day, my mom and I almost got into two car accidents because the people in the other cars decided not to stop at the stop sign.
I know that Detroit has no money now. I know that most Detroiters have no jobs and no money. I know because both my parents are unemployed and relying most on the government’s aids.
But that does not explain why we have trash surrounding our streets! That does not explain why people have to set fire on their house to get that insurance money. And that especially doesn’t explain why we have so many people driving recklessly around the area. Is it ignorance or simply because the people don’t care about Detroit anymore?
For the youth, this is what they grew up in and will probably continue to see if we don’t take action. For some of the youth I’ve talked with, they don’t care about their city. They could care less about the violence that’s happening right on their streets. Because this is what they grew up with; they’ve gotten use to it
We spend so much money to clean Downtown Detroit because the attractions are there and yet nothing is being done for the rest of the city. People from outside look at our city and think we have dirty people live in it because we choose to do nothing but to live with the trash that surrounds us.
We complain and complain but that’s all that we do. We use our mouth but not are arms and feet. We continue to hope that something fortunate will come to us but hope can only take you so far. It’s a habit that must be stopped. Waiting is only making Detroit dying quicker. It’s time to finally stand up and it’s about time for us, the people, to be the one first to do something.

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