Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gun Violence In the New World

Mariama McGhee
UPREP High School

Gun violence is now a deadly, chaotic form of violence. Lots of people don’t know where it came from or are confused about why the youth made it into such a popular mascot of daily troubles. Gun violence has become so admired that kids no younger then fifteen are using it as an excuse to make themselves feel safer when walking down the school hallways. They understand that the weapons they carry are very unmerciful towards the victims. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, elder, or teen.

I was never raised around such atrocities but the people I know have been through it their entire lives. Their mostly friends, family, or mentors and the images from that old incident will never leave their memories. Gun violence is an ugly monster that will never leave their minds and what’s worse is that the youth who have been through it…see it as a daily lifestyle in which they have adopted. I had friend whose family members have started training the youngsters in the community on how to load a gun and how to shoot. My friend said that it was to help the children defend themselves but I didn’t believe her.

As a concerned youth I do talk to people about the dangers of gun violence and I’m not the only one. A lot of teens are upset about the terrible change everyone has adapted to and I can’t help but worry. I want the adults to stop ignoring what’s happening in the city and to speak up along with us. I want the whole community to raise their voices against this evil. Ignorance won’t help…but our voice will.

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