Sunday, August 9, 2009

Speak Up Against Gun Violence

Davonna Ware
Osborn University High School

I wonder what makes teens want to carry guns around although sometimes people say they need it for protection. In the law it says you have the right to bear arms but you don’t have the right to kill peers. The federal law makes it illegal for anyone under the age 18 to have a hand gun but I think they should raise the age.. Sometimes teens buy, borrow, or even steal guns from each other and from family members. Many teens have access to guns in their homes with no trigger locks on them. Over 43% percent of house holds have at least one gun.

As a teen I truly think guns should be banned from our city. Detroit used to be called the Motor City. Now, people call it the Murder City. It hurts me because my family can’t come visit us because they always hear about somebody who got shot and killed and they don’t want to be next. I think if we worked together we can make our city better. When people argue about pointless things then go get guns. I think that’s just not responsible, especially if you are having guns talk for you. We put ourselves in danger, when we use guns to communicate.

Although people can get threatened by others, it doesn’t mean one needs to get a gun for protection. Guns are not always the answer. We should talk more. If you are in school or even at home don’t take matters into your own hands by getting a gun. Find an adult and let them know what’s going on. And if you know of someone who is under age and carrying a gun, you should let somebody older know about it. Don’t sit and stay quiet. Speak up and save somebody’s life. Make sure your voice is heard. Some people call it “snitching” but they really don’t know the real meaning between a “snitch” and a “leader”.

Last Friday one of my friends lost her brother due to gun violence and it hurt her so bad. I hurts me too, even though I didn’t know him. I think of this saying “Less Peers Brings Many Tears” every time a teen gets killed over gun violence. I told my family I’m tired of crying over my family or friends and tired of having to bury them too. I’m tired of the gun violence and wish it would end. People need to open their eyes and see that with guns your putting your family, friends, and yourself in danger. Remember three people die a day from gun violence. It really it should be 0.

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