Sunday, August 23, 2009

Leaders Of Our Time

Dimitris Yang
Warren Woods Tower High School

Through my life there have been countless people who has come and gone. Many of whom influenced me greatly in positive ways, teaching me things that can open the doors to new opportunities in life. As we can see, there are exceedingly more negative influences than there are positive. So therefore it’s easier to notice bad things. There is so much negative influence in the world that people have come to accept it as a way of life.

One individual that I believe is a perfect example of a positive influence is Ronald Norwood. He is one who takes care of business. He’s just one of that people who comes through and leaves an impact upon everyone surrounding him. I look at him as an older brother, although I’m 10 days older than he is. Ron helped me see life in a different perspective. As he left for college to chase his dreams of becoming someone great and unforgettable, I thanked him for his encouragement and empowerment he has passed on to me.

We, as the Youth Initiatives Project need more young leaders like Ronald Norwood. Instead of looking up to negative role models in the media, our future generation should really be looking up to none other than the leaders of their communities. I commend Ron for making great use of his God-given gift to encourage all young people to become leaders. I wish Ron the very best, and may God continue to pour blessings upon him as he strives for the future.

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