Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When In Doubt, Leave It Out

My name is D'Nae Hearn, I am a sophomore at Cass Technical High School and I would like to talk about gun violence. It isn't exactly the best way to solve problems, but it sure can cause alot of deaths. So my opinion is when in doubt, leave it out. The Youth Initiatives Project (YIP), of the Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO), is a program that is trying to get the word out to everyone in the Motor City to help us prevent gun violence and bullying. I would probably say that the best choice (if you or a parent posess a gun) is to get rid of it. Although, if the family is in need of a gun for protection then another choice would be to lock it up in a safe place where no one can get to it and use it for needless purposes.

Gun voilence are one of the cause of African American deaths (mainly black males) today. It is also tied with the selling or use of drugs, which usually result in drive-bys. If I were a parent, I would teach my children about gun violence, drug and alcohol abuse so that they can be safe and make the right choices. If someone goes up to them and ask "Are you in?", they should already have it in their heads that the answer is clearly "NO". They should also be able to teach themselves right from wrong on making their own decisions when I'm not around or without my help. This is an idea parents today need to accept in their homes, teaching their children about the safety of guns and drug/alcohol abuse.

March 26-28, 2008, the 5th Annual FIX Conference & Minority Male Exchange will be held at the Fellowship Chapel on 7707 W. Outer Drive. Some of the topics of the FIX conference workshops will be the following: Daddy Hunger, As Real As It Gets! and The Four Pilars of A Man's Heart, "Male Spiritual Development For The Soul".

It is FREE for the youth of ages 10-18 with advanced registration and/or on a first come, first served basis. For adults it is $45 per day or $105 for the three-day package. Paid registraion includes a continental breakfast and lunch. We hope to see you there!

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Hugs Not Bullets Campaign said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, D Nae. Nicely done.

Frank McGhee