Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gun Violence

Danielle Welcome
Martin Luther King High School

Gun violence is a growing problem in our community that needs to stop. Being violent is a state of mind, once you think positive your actions will follow. When I hear about someone getting shot or killed by gunfire, it hurts, whether I knew them or not. Everyone is capable of achieving something great but because of gun violence most people don’t live long enough to ever get the chance. Gun violence is a complete waste of time. Personally I think it’s stupid. People who participate in gun violence will either end up shot or in jail themselves. You can tell most of them accept that fate because nothing is changing. When you think about it, gun violence is never worth the risk of facing the consequences that are sure to follow.
What gives anyone the right to take someone’s life? It’s not yours to take. I think if people spent less time shooting people and more time helping people the world would be a better place. Gun violence is never the right solution to any problem, there is always a better and safer way. The problem is when people will realize that. In 1999 alone about 10,096 people were murdered by guns in the U.S. Here’s something to think about, gun violence rates continue to increase because so many people have access to guns. 43% of households in the U.S. with children and teens had at least one gun. Also, a gun that is kept in a home is 22 times more likely to kill a friend or family member than it is used to be used against an intruder. People say they need guns for protection but they sometimes end up hurting the people they are trying to protect.
I don’t think it should be legal for anyone to carry or own a gun no matter how old, how mature, or how responsible. No matter who you are you will face a situation that might cause you to make the wrong decision and someone might get hurt. I believe that actions speak louder than words so once people make wiser decisions and act more positively more people will be influenced by actions and change their ways. Some people say gun violence is all they know because it’s what they grew up around, but it shouldn’t be. Gun violence is a never-ending cycle,


Substance Abuse and Gun Violence

Da’Vonna Ware
Osborn University High School

Teens may not know how substance abuse can affect your body and your life.
Although teens these days think drugs are okay to use or sell its not and that’s why us as
a community need to stop substance abuse and gun violence on our streets. More than
nine teens are killed a week do to gun violence because they got involved in the business
of drugs. Every time I turn on my television to get a glance at the news I get more than a
glance the news casters are always saying somebody got shot and killed or their in critical
condition. And it makes me think a lot we can stop all of this from happening on the
streets but nobody wants to get involved.
When I walk into a liquor store I see so many young teens in their looking at the
liquor section waiting on somebody to come back their so they can get them to buy their
liquor. That upsets me because adults rather put us teens in danger than to speak up and
be a leader in tell these teens don’t do substance abuse. During school or even the
summer I see teens just walking around in the community or standing on the corners with
their hands in their pockets. Then kids or maybe even adults go buy drugs from them and
they don’t know what the teens put in these drugs. When people buy drugs I sometimes
wonder are they smart enough to notice these drug dealers could of put something in their
to make them have one puff of it and then their dead.
About two and a half weeks ago we got a call from my aunty saying that my
cousin got shot in one of her kidneys. We went up to the hospital and I was able to talk to
my cousin about what happen. She told me she was hanging around the wrong crowd
when she should have been at home with her son. Then she told me that they were
smoking in drinking over at a friend house then decided to go walking around the block
to the store. They finally got to the store and got what they wanted and starting walking
back when one of her friends decided to sell Marijuana but didn’t know that was
somebody else block ( territory) who did the same thing. After that a car drove by slow
pointed a gun at my cousin and her friends in started shooting at my cousin and her
Everybody got a way but my cousin she wasn’t watching what was going on
around her because of substance abuse. And because of that she was in the hospital lying
in the bed with one kidney left. Teens need to be more careful about there surrounding
and know what how fast substance abuse can change into gun violence. My cousin story
was so life inspiring to me because her story opens my eyes up more widely than they
had ever been. And I know her story can help other teens notice what’s more important in
their life. “So teens don’t let substance abuse in gun violence affect your life in always
stay passionate about your life”.