Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gun Violence ( A Serious Issue)

Tai-Tyana Miller, Duffield Elementary School
7th Grade Student

Gun violence is a very serious matter. Many take it as a game. Many individuals have learned the hard way. Now as they continue in life, they have to deal with the consequences a gun can bring. Either they have been shot or they have shot someone else and damaged their lives. Because of this, everyone’s lives are damaged, such as family members and friends. Let’s take this issue seriously.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Youth Leadership

Dimitris Yang
Warren Woods Tower High School

Youth leadership is a characteristic that all teens need. It’s essential in the lives of ones who don’t have anyone to look up to. Leadership is a process of getting things done through people. Leaders take authority, responsibility, and make strategic decisions. Like a quarterback for example. The quarterback calls the plays, leads the players, and receives much of the credit for a victory. Everyone relies on a leader to get the job done. Without one, there will be no achievements, success, or accomplishments.

Many people may ask, “What does it take to be a leader?” Youth leaders are role models. They set the example for those who follow. Youth leaders should have, or develop these character traits. They should be honest because everyone depends on a leader. We all believe in whatever a leader says. A leader should be competent or knowledgeable because experience builds a person up into being a leader. They should be an expert at what they do and be proficient. Great leaders are made by experience. Time plays a major role in the development of a leader. Great leaders are made, not born. All of these traits should fit an effective leader.

The community is the perfect place to start developing the skills needed to become a leader. Starting in the community can help a person be familiar with the types of obstacles a leader deals with on a daily basis. Taking initiative involving the issues in communities is something individuals can do to take leadership. Things like violence prevention programs and substance abuse prevention programs can impact a life significantly. Some other things we can do to build up our leadership are to inform others about your purpose. As youth leaders, we should not stand back and watch. We should be the ones humbling ourselves and serving others instead of letting others do the job for us. Do not place yourself in a higher standard than others.

In my life, youth leadership has taken a great role. I’m really not much of a leader. I’m still striving and trying to discover my own talents and potential. Youth leaders are often looked down upon because of their age and experiences. We shouldn’t be discouraged by that because we as the youth can lead the wise as well. Although it may be intimidating, older folks like hearing from the younger generation as well. I’ve come a long way in becoming a youth leader, but I still have another journey ahead of me. Everyday I learn new things that help contribute to improve my leadership role. I have to admit, it is difficult being a leader, and one who many people look up to, but at the end of the day, the things I do could has the potential to turn a life around.

In conclusion, a youth leader is someone who is courageous. Youth leaders are not afraid of what comes next. We as teenagers should take initiative and make a difference in our communities. It doesn’t have to be in the community. We can all start somewhere small like an individual or a group of young people, teaching them about the harms of substance abuse or gun violence. Who knows? It may even plant a seed in one of them and build them up into becoming a great leader. So, as young adults, we must be aware of the issues amongst our surroundings, become a leader and change lives.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Everyone Should Be Safe From All Violence

Kayla Cannon
7th Grade
Duffield Elementary/Middle School

People shouldn’t have to worry about going out in the community and being shot, killed or beat up. You should be able to go outside or go to school and make friends and have fun. Every one shouldn’t have to worry about being a victim because there’s supposed to be peace in the world. We should end all violence now!! If we cannot stop woman from being sexually harassed, and individuals being shot and killed, this may go on to the year 2012 and these acts of violence may get worse. I hope that more people believe that there can be peace in this world and help to end all violence.

There are some individuals in some of our schools that are violent. Students are there to learn, and if you don’t want to learn, you should not be there. Schools should be more involved with students, because some student’s parents don’t get involved in with their education. If our schools work with the students more, some of the violence in school may end.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We Need Help To End Violence In Our Community

Kayla Buffington, Duffield Elementary School
7th Grade

I think gun violence should stop. I feel that way because some people are afraid to even leave out of their homes at night and when it is not even dark outside. For example, at night time some people think that they might get robbed or sexually assaulted. Also, I think gun violence and sexual harassment should be stopped at all schools. I think at every school they should have metal detectors, security guards and camera to keep children safe. Parents send their children to school to learn, not get harassed or killed. That’s why I think gun violence and other violent acts should be stopped.

Efforts To End Gun Violence

Iesha Wakefield
7th Grade Duffield Elementary Student

We can stop gun violence by starting a petition in our schools, but not only in our schools, also in our community. We should not carry guns around because if someone gets made at the wrong person, they may accidentally shoot that person and that person might be someone that you know, maybe a close friend or family member. The more signatures we get, the more effort is shown that may help to stop the gun violence.

Stop The Violence In The World

Akil Alvin, Duffield Elementary School
8th Grade Student

Violence could be stopped in our community by us. Gun triggers don’t pull themselves. We can’t complain to President Obama, saying, “stop the violence in the world”, when we are living in violence in our own community, and acts of violence are being committed by our own peers!!!

We Must Be Protected!!

Torry VanLeer, 8th Grade
Duffield Elementary School

Children and adults should be protected from all kinds of violence, such as guns. Guns are a big cause of most violence in our community. Guns can affect our lives in negatives ways, for example, kill a child or an adult even if it is by mistake. A gun is very dangerous for so many reasons. All kinds of violence are wrong. We should do every that we can to stop the violence and keep all people in our community

Gun Violence Is Going To Be A Thing Of The Past

Aariel Alexander
Duffield 7th Grade Student

Have any of your family members ever been shot in your community? If they have, I know you really want to stop gun violence. Even if no one has been shot with a gun in your family, it is a strong possibility that it could happen. Gun violence is mostly from gangs and if we help to end gun violence, maybe gangs would go with it. NSO is trying to stop gun violence, but need your help. Please help us. I know you would want to help if you or your family member was a victim of gun violence. So let’s stop these horrible acts of violence!!! ….. before it reaches our youth of the future.

What We Can Do

Paris Smith, 7th Grade
Duffield Elementary School

There are lots of things we can do to end the violence in our community:

Talk to our friends about gun violence.
Talk to our family about gun violence.
Talk to elementary students at Duffield.
Talk to the police department about what is happening in our community.
Help people that have been affected by gun violence.
Speak up in our community.

These are some of the things we can do to stop the violence.

Stopping The Violence

Gregory Strickland, 8th Grade
Duffield Elementary School

There are some things we can do to stop gun violence. We can stop gun violence by donating our guns to our local police stations. Also YIP participants can provide trigger locks in order for parents to protect their family members and other individuals that may come into their home. Another thing that we can do is to sign a petition to stop gun violence. If you want assistance in keeping your community safe, you can go to or you may call the Youth Initiatives Project directly.