Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Parent Talk

Shaniqua Madison

Catherine Ferguson Academy

Hey parents let’s have a talk. Now some of you may be wondering she’s just a teen what can she have to say? Well, I’m more than a teen, I’m a teen mother. As a teen I have had many ups and downs. What I want to talk about is one thing I hope I never have to go through. Let’s talk about the violence that happens on New Years. Protect Children, Not Guns 2007 statistics shows that 58 preschoolers were killed by firearms, while 57 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty. Now just imagine how much can happen on New Years alone. New Years is a day when not only adults, but teens decide to drink and get involve in violent activities. So let’s make a change. Let’s protect not only the children but ourselves from all the harm that can happen on New Years. The first thing we can do is show them that there are other things that can be done for fun besides what they see everyone else do. In order to prove this to them we have to do the same thing. So let’s make a change in our lives so that we can make a change in the world. Here are 20 ways to make your child feel great.

1. Show unconditional love
2. Express your anger responsibly
3. Make clear request
4. Learn to listen
5. Take your child’s feelings seriously
6. Validate your child existence
7. Find something to appreciate daily
8. Spend time alone with your child
9. Allow your child to do things for him/herself
10. Respect your child’s possessions
11. Respect your child opinions
12. Acknowledge you child’s abilities
13. Respect your child abilities
14. Teach children that they are more than just their body
15. Intervene when your child puts her/himself down
16. Express love nonverbally
17. Speak to your child at eye level
18. Avoid mixed messages
19. Share your feelings
20. Focus on each child’s uniqueness