Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Children and Gun Violence

Myleatta Wilson
Osborn University High School

Children should be protected from gun violence, not affected by it. A child should never be the victim of a bullet or any form of violence whatsoever. But too often on the news, in the daily paper or on the radio we are informed that a child has been the victim of a brutal murder, or grazed by a bullet and bled to death because the intentional victim was the parent. This issue needs to be addressed by everyone.

The safety of our children is important for the success of our future. The children are our future, and as parents and guardians we must instill in them the basic values of life that will ensure them to become responsible law abiding citizens, instead of murderers or criminals. It is important to be aware of what today’s youth are engaged in and to make sure that whatever activity they are engaged in is positive and acceptable.

Neighborhoods should join together in ensuring the safety of youth. Everyone should work together in making neighborhoods safer places to reside in. Schools should take more precautions in the safety of the classrooms of our local schools. We will need the assistance of everyone to change the violence to youth, and with this in mind the world could be a better place for everyone.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gun Violence

Dimitris Yang
NSO/Youth Initiatives Project

Do guns kill people? Or do people kill people? That is the question that many people ask. Yes, people kill people, but with guns it’s quicker and easier. Gun violence has changed many peoples’ lives because of accidents and murders. I, myself have endured the hardships of the result of gun violence. It’s nothing to joke about and playing with guns really isn’t so fun. No one should fire a gun at anyone, unless that person is a threat to other innocent individuals. Still no one deserves to suffer through death.

Gun violence causes damage and catastrophe to the human society. It wounds, injures and kills millions of people each year. Not only that, but gun violence also brings destruction to buildings and owned property which costs money to repair and replace. Gun violence occurs among gangs which disturb the city and sets the surrounding environment in fear. In many cases, innocent people are often injured or killed in a gun war. Friends and family members then suffer the sorrow of their loss loved one because of this meaningless gun violence.

Children these days become very familiar with gun violence at an early age. They then become very interested in it also and imitate hand gestures. We should encourage parents to not buy such violent games for their children and also encourage them to not let their children watch violent television shows that involve guns. Children should be taught the dangers of gun violence and the outcome of what its effects are. They are the future and in order to make the future brighter and a safer place, we have to start with our younger generation.

New Years is the time where gun shots are fired into the air because the joy it brings to people. Unfortunately, sometimes a bullet may hit a very unlucky someone. That’s why guns shouldn’t be fired during New Years. No one deserves to be hit randomly by a bullet while celebrating the start of a new year. New Years can be celebrated in many different ways instead of gunfire. People should be aware of the consequences of firing a bullet in the air because it puts everyone around them in danger.
In closing, gun violence should be stopped. It really isn’t possible but we may decrease the gun violence around our community by telling others the dangers and outcomes of it. Although stopping gun violence sounds a bit too good to be true, we can all help one another to put it to an end. It may seem like a very ambitious thing to do, but the reward and conclusions are worth more than anything. There is not one person who doesn’t want violence to end. We all do, and together, we can make a difference.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Stop Using Guns

Marvin Hatten
Columbus Middle School

We can end gun violence by not using guns. GUNS KILL! Let's start a petition in the community to end the violence!!

Stopping Gun Violence

Jasmine Mims
Columbus Middle School

We can stop the violence in our community by having more police officers on duty. The police can place individuals in jail who commit crimes. Posters can be placed in our communities, and advertisements in the city paper. If people can get the word out, maybe more people will open their eyes and stop the violence.

Gun Violence Should End

Kevin Adolph
Columbus Middle School

There are some things that we can do to stop gun violence in our community. We can begin by starting a petition, not only in our schools, but around the community. The more signatures we get, the more effort is shown that the gun violence should end.

How To Reduce Gun Violence

Taylor Ellington;
Kijuan Miller;
Jesse Richie; and
Brinique Shorter-Collins
Columbus Middle School Students

-Tell people to stop taking their anger out on the wrong person

-People should not have guns

-Help people tell their feelings and express themselves

-The police should stake out alleys in the neighborhoods

-Stop people from selling guns on the streets
-Encourage the police to crack down and stop gun violence on the streets

-Prepare younger kids to inspire their peers to help end violence

-We can speak and make sure that our voice are heard to make a change

-We can speak out not and not after a death has occurred.

We Need More Street Policing

Bryce Evans
Columbus Middle School

We need to have more police officers patrolling our streets to help end gun violence in our community. As you walk through the streets of Detroit, you see “trap houses” on every corner of each block. All people who sell drugs carry guns which is dangerous to our friends, family and neighbors in the community.

Regarding New Years Eve, I feel that everyone should stay in their basements until the shooting ends. Every day, two out of 10 people across the Metro-Detroit area die from gun fire. Across the world, at least 20 people die every day. So it is time to take a stand and fight back against gun violence.

How To End Gun Violence In Our Community

Niyah Thurmond
Columbus Middle School

Gun violence is causing problems in our community. We can stop the gun violence by speaking up and making a stand and coming up with a program for stopping gun violence in the community. People who have a guns should not use it for violence or just to be using them.

What Can We Do To End Gun Violence?

Shayarra Miller
Columbus Middle School

What Can We Do To End Gun Violence

-Show kids what gun violence can do to them

-Help people solve their problems and get out of the trouble they’re in

-Have people lock up their guns so that everyone can feel safe on New Years Eve, and be happy that they have lived to see the next year

-Stop the violence just for the safety of the children, because when they grow up the only thing they will know is to commit violence in our communities. This includes selling drugs, steeling cars and carrying weapons.

I want to be safe and when I grow up, I want my children to be safe and not scared or committing crimes of violence.

We Can Stop Gun Violence

Regine Stevens
Columbus Middle School

I think that we can stop violence by trying to be on the news. I believe that we can get people to put their guns away on the holiday and stop the violence. I believe that people shoot on New Years Eve because they think its cool. Just because it is New Years Eve does not mean that you should shoot a gun. People in the community could be hit by a stray bullet. Instead of shooting, people should just have parties with their family and friends on New Years Eve.

Gun Violence In Our Community

Sherice Moore
Columbus Middle School

Gun violence is the reason why many of our friends, family and neighbors die. How can we help? We can help by going around knocking on the community resident’s doors, and telling them about the risks of gun violence. We need to ask them not to shoot on New Years Eve and New Years Day. We can also get other people in the community to hang signs and posters that say “No Gun Violence.”

I Will Speak Out!!

Bradley Stokes
Columbus Middle School Student

PEOPLE OF DETROIT, we need to stop shooting on New Years Eve!! People are getting shot from stray bullets. These stray bullets can hit kids, dogs, mothers, fathers, and grandparents.

Why do we shoot in the air? We don’t need to shoot in the air. We all need to listen to the campaign, and give hugs not bullets.

Stop The Violence Today!!!

Keirra Warren
Columbus Middle School

In my community, I can hear shots flying in the air on New Years Eve. This is very dangerous. I will work to stop gun violence on New Years Eve by telling the police to go around and watch the neighborhood and make sure that no one shoots on this day, but if that plan doesn’t work, then I am going to try my best to ask everyone not to shoot on New Years Eve on my own.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gun Violence

Micah Maria
Detroit School of the Arts

Whenever I think about gun violence, I think about a lot. For one, I start to think about how children are getting shot and killed at younger and younger ages. Secondly, more and more people are feeling the need to carry around guns. Lastly, to stop these things, people should give hugs, not bullets.

One good reason why I feel that people should give hugs instead of bullets is because I notice that children are getting shot and killed at younger and younger ages, for some of the craziest reasons. Children, even at ages like 3 years old, getting shot just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time while people are shooting to bring in the New Year. A child could be out at night while something like that is going on, and unfortunately could get shot. It is extremely sad when some things happen that way. However, if people decided to hug one another to bring in the New Year instead of shooting, we could all be safer.

Another thing I notice is that more and more people are feeling the need to carry around guns. I understand that sometimes people may feel that they need to be protected, but some people take advantage of their right to carry around a gun (if they have a license for it.) Some people feel that they need a gun to show others that they are not to be played with. Whatever the reason, it does not make it right. People these days do not understand the consequences and affects of their actions. They don’t realize that when you take a life, you’re taking someone’s child, sibling, best friend, etc. Some people also don’t take gun violence seriously, but it definitely is not a joke.

A way to calm all of the hype about guns is to simply give hugs, not bullets. Even if it takes a bit more for you to believe that, think of it as, being a lover, not a killer. Whatever it takes for you to feel it and believe it yourself, whatever it takes. Just stop the gun violence!